Beaver Camp: The Debrief

Well done to all of the Beavers for getting stuck in to all of the activities over the weekend and for some, their first night away from home (not to mention that it was in a tent!)
Everyone was on their best behaviour and truly were a pleasure to have!

What we got up to!
After saying farewell to parents, we watched the camp video again to jog our memory about the spy theme and to create a plan of how we’ll find and save Bertie Beaver!
Shortly after, we had our jackets and boots on and began our hike around Auchengillan.
On the hike we needed to use our skills in First Aid, Communication, Navigation & Espionage to earn tokens that at the end of the day, would unlock the maps to find Bertie!

The Beavers did very well on the hike, especially as the weather wasn’t ideal! We came back to the cabin for a short burst of lego building and a few games before dinner; yummy pasta, tomato sauce and meatballs.

After dinner we were back outside for bases consisting of Archery, ‘The floor is lava’ (using crates and planks), ‘Laser Beams’ (climbing through a web of string) and making fruit kebabs.

It was then time to find Bertie so after adding up our tokens earned during the hike, we unlocked the maps and ran up the path to rescue Bertie! “He’s a bit bigger than he was before”!

We finished off the day by using up the last of our energy running around outside before a campfire and supper (hot chocolate and a biscuit).

Once the excitement had worn off, the Beavers were sound asleep and the Leaders weren’t too far behind!

It was a bit damp in the morning so after getting changed and packing bags in the tents, the Beavers came inside for some exercise and Breakfast.
After helping to clear up, we had some games indoors and even went on a run before parents joined us for our closing ceremony!

Do More. Share More. Be More.
Thank you to all of our volunteers who gave up their own time to plan, support and run the camp.
The group are urgently looking for new leaders to help out after summer. Volunteering is easier than you think. With full support and training, you can volunteer on a flexible basis.
Please get in touch with your section leader to find out more.