Coronavirus Update

Dear all,

As Scouts, wherever we go and whatever we do, we put our member’s safety and wellbeing first.

As you will be aware, the Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, is an evolving situation and a difficult time for all of us and our families.
After listening to our volunteers, the decision has been taken to suspend all weekly section meetings for an indefinite period of time (from today, March 16th)

This includes Monday Beavers, The Group Camp meeting & Explorers which were scheduled for this evening.

We are not, at this stage, cancelling Group Camp. However we will continue to monitor the situation and give you an update as soon as possible.

We will continue to provide updates to parents, supporters & volunteers as the situation develops.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Many thanks,
Brian Martin (Group Scout Leader)
Peter Ritchie (Group Chair)
Andy Loudon (Assistant Group Scout Leader)
James Gallagher (Assistant Group Scout Leader)

Where should I stitch new badges on my son or daughter’s shirt?

Glad you asked!  Please don’t guess; you may be asked to move badges that are out of position.2015cu-as-ath

Here are the official badge placement diagrams from The Scout Association.

Badge placement diagram for Beavers
Badge placement diagram for Cub Scouts
Badge placement diagram for Scouts
Badge placement diagram for Explorer Scouts

If in doubt, ask your section leader or a Scouter.

Questions about the Group?

Have you ever wondered…

  • how the Group raises funds, and what they’re used for?
  • where to attach new badges on a Cub uniform?
  • how you can help as a Parent?

…..or anything else for that matter?

These and other questions are answered in Frequently Asked Questions.

You can also use the search box shown on the home page to find just about anything on the site.   Try searching now for “Kilts”, “Kit List”, “Race Night” or “Jumble Sale”.

If all else fails, you can use this page to contact various Group leaders and just ask.

How can I help?

Much of the Group’s success is down to the hard work of the leaders, who give of their time freely to plan and run weekly meetings, camps and other activities. They are supported in that work by the Group Executive Committee which is responsible for maintaining the Scout Hall and providing the camping and activities equipment used by the sections. For details of how you can help, please see the note titled How can I help? (A Guide for Parents).

How much does it cost to run the Group?

The Group Executive Committee is responsible for maintaining the Scout Hall and providing the camping and activities equipment used by the sections.

In a typical year the costs involved in maintaining the Hall and purchasing equipment are:

Expense Cost (£)
Maintenance of Hall (Repairs, Redecoration, etc) 8900
Cleaning 1600
Heating and Lighting 2400
Telephone   200
Insurance 1900
Equipment (New and Repairs) 1000
Other Expenses 1200
Total 17,200

This is equal to approximately £99 per young person.

What is my son or daughter’s annual subscription used for?

Around £28 per young person is passed on to the Scout Association in membership fees. The balance is retained by the section for day-to-day running expenses (eg buying the craft materials used at section meetings). None of the annual subscription is used to help fund the cost of running and maintaining the Scout Hall and buying equipment, etc. The Group relies on fundraising activities to raise the £17,000 or so that that costs each year.

What equipment does my son or daughter need?

Your son or daughter needs full, smart uniform for the weekly section meetings. Details of the uniform will be provided by their Section Leader.

In the Scout Section young people will also need to change into activity dress for games etc on Thursday nights. The Troop activity dress consists of a Troop T shirt (available from the Troop, priced £5), shorts (which must be above the knee) and trainers.

For activities or camps, a kit list will be issued by the Section Leader. It is important for your son or daughter’s health, safety and comfort that he or she has ALL the equipment specified in the kit list. If you need any advice about buying equipment (eg where to buy it or what features to look for), the Scouters would be pleased to help.

What if I have a complaint?

The Scouters work hard to ensure that there should be no cause for complaint – but with sections running dozens of activities a year for up to 40 young people at a time, there is always the risk of the occasional slip up. If you have a complaint, please discuss it in the first instance with your son or daughter’s section leader. That will hopefully allow the issue to be addressed and resolved quickly. If however you remain dissatisfied, please speak to the Group Scout Leader.

Will my son or daughter be safe?

Your son or daughter’s safety is our top priority. It is always the principal consideration when planning and running activities. All Section Leaders and Assistant Leaders undergo First Response training and this is regularly updated. There is a small first aid kit in the Hall and a comprehensive first aid kit is taken to camps.

The Scout Programme does involve adventurous activities – but these are always undertaken under appropriate supervision and where necessary your son or daughter will be provided with appropriate protective equipment.  Troop camps (except the winter camp) also involve Patrols doing their own cooking over wood fires. The odd bump or graze is therefore inevitable.

You will be asked to complete a medical form for your son or daughter giving details of any medical conditions, allergies and medication etc.